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VOLUME - another noob quesiton! (see comments)

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Reuters Manipulation!

Reuters Manipulation!
Reuters claimed that; Turkish Banks intervened USDTRY parity to protect the value of Turkish Lira.
According to news; the volume of Turkish Banks intervention is 4.5 Billion US$
On the other hand we haven't confirmed such volume from independent #forex data sources.
We believe; Reuters news doesn't have any reliability.

We are sharing daily chart of USDTRY parity below; the source of the graph data is FXCM; at the right side of the scale is the market price, left side scale is the transaction volume on the same chart.
The purple line shows the OBV(On Balance Volume);
The orange curve shows the quarterly VWMA(Volume Weighted Moving Average) of market price;
At the bottom of the graph is daily volume and quarterly average of daily volume is the black curve;
We haven't notice dramatic increase in transaction volume during last week; thus transaction volume is continuously decreasing...

Our conclusion is Reuters is a fake news!
USDTRY Parity with transaction volume data
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